What Was I Thinking?

So What To Do?

At this point I knew the problem, I knew the solution and I knew the obstacles. I found myself in a very good position again! All I had to do was provide personal images that communicate the subject’s message in a way that would be mutually beneficial for both me and the client. Easy! Right?

Yes. It is that easy.

  1. Take the time
  2. Put the thought into it
  3. Don’t rush
  4. Make it affordable for individuals and families

Our Solutions

Family Portrait

Family Portrait With A Twist

Portraits With A Twist

Since we work with our clients before the shoot to nail down exactly what images will be produced we are able to limit the total number of images that will be delivered and carefully plan the time that will be spent creating them. This allows us to spend much more time in pre and post-production on each image. Suddenly we no longer have to worry about spending 15 minutes on an image or even an hour. It is totally within reason to spend 6 hours or more on a single image if needs be.


While this certainly address the first 3 goals listed above, the 4th is still looming. We have attempted to address the 4th issue a number of ways.

  1. Wear as many hats ourselves as we can – The more we do ourselves the less we have to hire out. This can have a big impact on the bottom line, so if we can do it ourselves we will.
  2. Be realistic and help our clients be realistic as well – It is easy to get caught up in adding element after element to the concept until the price just balloons. This would put both our studio and our clients in a bad spot as budgets disintegrate and our studio tries to prevent that from happening. Therefore, we are completely up front with costs and pay close attention to what is and is not necessary to achieve the vision.
  3. Get Creative – With the finances that is. Considering the service we are providing our price are quite reasonable(for comparison to a commercial job click here), but we know it can seem a little steep to some. I make this commitment to my clients, if we can find a way to make it work we will. If that means $10 a month payments we will do it. Whatever is needed to make money not the issue for both us and our clients we will do it. I’d much rather somebody say no because they think I’m a lousy artist than because of money. I’m just not a big enough fan of money to let it get in the way of my work. Having said that, we can’t do it for free either.

Traditional Portrait Sessions

AnyaEven with the new direction I was taking my art I knew I wouldn’t want to stop doing the more traditional portrait sessions. They are just too fun! We certainly have made changes to the way we approach them though.




  • We are devoting more time to dialogue with our clients and also in planning the shoots.
  • We have place more emphasis on planning desired shots
  • We have lowered the expectation of delivered images in order to devote more time per image in post processing.
  • We have been able to maintain our current rates with these changes.

And that’s that!

A very long winded answer to a simple question. That’s what I was thinking.

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