What Was I Thinking?

But the Debate Goes On?


The sad thing is that even after knowing these concepts and conceding that it is a better way to create images most, in my experience, will make very few if any changes to the way they work. Why? Simple. It’s expensive.





Going back to my 3 issues with the process:

  1. It’s Impersonal – To fix this takes extra time getting to know your clients on a much more intimate level than most photographers are accustomed to. This takes extra time, and as they say, “Time is money.”
  2. It’s Thoughtless – Taking somebody to one of your favorite locations and following them around with a camera for an hour or two will likely produce great looking shots, but it’s not very probable that they will say much about your subject. Putting more thought into a shoot requires more planning. Therefore, it takes more time. Again, more thought takes more time and you know the rest.
  3. It’s Rushed – This is simple math. If you are delivering 50 images at (worst case scenario) 10 minutes per image, you have just spent 8 1/2 hours in post production. Obviously 5 minutes per image cuts that time in half, but that is still over 4 hours of post processing. So let’s say the photographers rate is $150 for the session. With 2 hours of prep and shooting followed by at least 4 hours of post processing it will come to about $25/hr. Not too good once you calculate expenses and studio overhead, but what if this photographer wants to go the extra mile and take the 10 minutes per image?  That would be less than $15/hr minus expenses and overhead. That photographer will be out of business quick unless they do awesome on print sales! In essence, delivering better value is a huge hit to a photographers wallet and will likely put them out of business, so they have to rush.

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