Portraits With A Twist

The idea to take a high production photography style that would normally be associated with commercial photography and merge it with family photography came after much contemplation by TogArtistry founder, Joshua Hilton. Dissatisfied with the state of modern family portrait photography, he went in search of a better way and found it in a very surprising place.  If you would like to know more about how this came about, you can read his blog post What Was I Thinking?


What Is This?

“Portraits With A Twist” sessions are what we call our high production portrait shoots. This can range any where from a 1 on 1 session with a photographer to something that feels more like a film set than a photography shoot. Your imagination is the limit and the images will reflect it!

Much like a photographer would with a corporate client, we work closely with you to come up with the concept and design of your image. Once contacted we begin to discuss the concept and immediately begin working with artists to sketch and develop the concept until all parties agree that we have achieved the perfect design for you. Only then will we book the shoot.

The end product will be a combination of your vision and that of the artists working with you.

The Post-Production Nightmare is Gone!

What really marks these sessions is usually not the shoot itself, although that can be quite an experience. The work that is done when the shoot is over is the real advantage to these portraits. Gone are the days when you get 5-10 minutes post-processing of an image or your images are sent off to some 3rd party for retouching. With the Portraits With A Twist Package we put no limits on the time and energy spent perfecting the image. This is what enables us to deliver the outstanding images and the twists that you just can’t get any other way.

What About the Shoot?

While post-production may be the main advantage, it is the shoot itself that will be the most memorable for you. Most of the time, these sessions include just a single photographer and 1 or 2 assistants along with yourself. You would be amazed at what can be achieved with just this for a production crew! However, some images require more expertise. So depending on your vision and your budget we may need to bring in some other help for your shoot.

Family Photo

Here is a list of some of the professional services that could be utilized to make your dream a reality. We work with:

  • Hair & Make-Up Artists
  • Wardrobe Designers
  • Set Designers and/or Decorators
  • Directors of Photography (Lighting)
  • SFX Coordinators
  • Location Managers
  • Digital FX Editors
  • and more..

I told you sometimes it could feel more like a movie set!

Sounds Expensive!

It certainly can be, but as I said before, you’ll be amazed at what can get done with just a small crew. Seldom does a shoot require more than just the photography crew, and we try to keep it that way as much as possible so we can achieve awesome images without having the massive overhead of a commercial shoot.


We have chosen to work with individuals and families because…

  1. that is where our heart is, and…
  2. we know we can achieve most visions affordably.

Obviously, the bigger the crew the higher the cost, so we also work closely with you to determine what is actually needed and do what is necessary to stay within your budget.

Before now, you had to be a company with fairly deep pockets to get this kind of production, but we are able to start production for as little as $600.

What’s That Get Us?

Production Fee Includes:

  • Pre-production conceptual designs and consultations
  • Costs of the shoot
  • Post-production expenses
  • Time and talent of the artists involved

The production fee does not include prints or digital images (digital images will not be made available from these shoots).

The Prints

You will be required to purchase a print of your image. All Portraits With A Twist prints are limited edition signed prints.

You  will determine how limited the edition of your prints will be as they will only ever be printed with your permission. We do this so the value of your print does not go down as more and more prints are made. We want you to have full control of how many prints exists. It can be a one of a kind print, limited edition of 5 or whatever. It’s up to you.

Limited edition signed prints start at $450.

How Do I Get One?!

There is no charge for a consultation and the initial concept development. Just contact us and we will discuss you, us and the concept to see if we all fit. Then we can go from there!

If you are interested in a Portrait With A Twist, please let us know and we will contact you shortly.

Contact Us!

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